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How to Self Care When You're Burnt Out AF!

Six simple steps (in order of priority) to get you back on track!

1) Acknowledge that you’re burnt out. Say it out loud, scream it, tell someone, or write it out!

2) Radically accept the current state you’re in - you don’t have to like it! This is often the hardest part. It’s so easy to allow your inner critic to take over and start playing the blame & shame game. I’m a pro at this! That critic loves to hear itself speak- it can sound like: “I should have done this sooner”, “I hate the way my face is aging”, “I can’t believe I let myself get so out of shape” “I’ll never get out of this state” “Things are only going downhill from here” (the most popular for women as we age). All this negative self talk creates an abundance of anxiety, depleting you of the energy you need to do whatever needs to be done. Stressful emotions are exhausting! When you radically accept where you’re at without judgement it makes it far easier to do what you need. You can accept where you’re at and hate it, just keep reminding yourself of this next point.

3) Change is inevitable. Nothing stays the same forever. This includes your body, face, brain, career, relationships, environment and the list goes on. There is a tonne we are not in control of- but your choices can either make positive changes or allow things to continue changing in directions you’d would prefer them not to.

4) The choice is yours - but making the choice to self care when you’re at your wits end can feel like an impossible feat. This step is about remembering that no matter how you’re feeling in this moment, not matter how exhausted you are, you still have choice. Choice in what you eat, choice in what you watch, choice in what you read, and most importantly choice in the way you’re thinking about your current state.

5) Prioritize in order of importance! Write out what you feel you need to be doing that you’re not. Basics of self care always come first! Make sure to include proper sleep, nutrition and hydration if you’ve been neglecting these things. These are the foundations of basic self care. If you’re not sleeping and eating well- you can forget the rest!

6) Start with one priority a week or bi-weekly. No more! Focusing on more than one thing (especially when you feel like there’s a million things you’re not doing) is overwhelming and stressful, and you’ll likely drop the ball, get discouraged and once again repeat the cycle of non self care.

And that’s it! These seven bite size steps are going to make massive change in your life and you're all around health. This is not a race between you and yourself or anybody else. True lasting change takes time and consistency. Make a plan and follow it. If you fall off the wagon, brush yourself off and get back on. Most importantly be compassionate toward yourself! Beating yourself up, feeling guilty and shameful does nothing for you unless it motivates you. Most of us feel drained after a session of self deprecating thinking- so throw those thoughts out the window and focus on your top priority!

With love and warmth,


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