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These high-quality body cups are made with medical grade silicone. They're a spectacular way to stimulate lymphatic drainage and tackle cellulite. They're easy to use, and easy to clean. This set comes with a luscious rosehip oil so you can start cupping right away.


Body cupping can:

- Boost collagen and skin elasticity

- Reduce cellulite

- Stimulate lymphatic drainage 

- Calm imflammation

- Relax muscles and help with pain and recovery

- Improve skin texture and appearance


Body cupping is an amazing way to boost the impacts of your holistic face care routine. Improved lymphatic drainage will help you see better and faster results, while supporting your health so you can look and feel your best.



Want to learn an easy cupping practice to reduce cellulite around your butt and thighs? Get this set of cups and oil along with a video tutorial to teach you everything you need to know to get started, plus our facial cups, dry brush, and full online video program in The Holistic Facelift Kit.

Body Cupping Set + Rosehip Oil


    Please note no returns will be accepted, and no refunds will be issued on purchased goods. 

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