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Sophia Ha is a Certified
Face Yoga Coach, and
wellness advisor.

Sophia is the owner and founder of The Holistic Facelift (formerly known as 'Face Yoga Renew'), and the creator of The Holistic Facelift Method.​ As Canada’s leading Face Yoga expert, she teaches techniques to help people naturally lift their face, while deepening their relationship with themselves in their self love journey.

Sophia's journey with holistic beauty practices stems from her experience with navigating body dysmorphia disorder. While living in Indonesia in 2014, she discovered Face Yoga, and immediately fell in love. Her stress-induced forehead lines began to disappear, and she started to foster a deeper relationship with herself, by focusing on the action of self-care as a form of self-love. She later pursued certification as a Face Yoga Method Instructor while living in Portugal in 2017.

With a background in journalism, Sophia’s interest in exploring the depths of the human experience fuels all that she does. She is deeply aware that every person has a unique story, face, and experience. Sophia’s unique gift for making people feel seen has supported her mission to disrupt mainstream beauty ideals, and our cultural fear of aging. Residing in Toronto, she facilitates face yoga workshops and private sessions locally, abroad, and online.

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Tapping   •   Acupressure   •   Facial Cupping   •   Dry Brushing   •   Face Yoga   •   Facial Massage   •   Lymphatic Drainage   •   Mindfulness   •   Fascia Release

The Holistic Facelift Method

A personalised combination of health-promoting beauty techniques

The Holistic Facelift Method combines various techniques including Face Yoga (facial exercise), facial massage, face acupressure, facial cupping, and dry brushing, to give you a healthful alternative to cosmetic procedures - and improve your overall wellness.

Resistance exercise (Face Yoga) tones muscles, creates volume, and restores or prevents muscular atrophy that leaves the face looking flat. It boosts circulation, promotes the health and regeneration of skin, and gives an overall glowing complexion. Facial exercise can also re-train your facial muscles, so you can prevent deep expression lines without the use of injectable toxins.

Facial massage and acupressure release facial tension, relieving pain, and preventing and reducing deep expression lines. These techniques also increase lymphatic drainage which dramatically de-puffs your face, and promotes whole-body wellness. It can help you feel more awake and alert, happy, and healthy.

Facial cupping is a powerful tool to smooth wrinkles, fine lines, and deep expression lines. It helps release facial tension, boost lymphatic drainage, increase circulation, and lift your face, giving you a plump, glowing, lifted, and smooth face. Facial cupping is perfectly complimented by facial dry brushing, which is a powerful lymphatic stimulation technique that has been used for centuries, and also functions to exfoliate skin, and create a deep sense of calm and wellness.


These techniques and more are used to give you the exact results you’re looking for, all while deepening your connection to yourself, and giving you a sense of control over how your face changes as you age. With The Holistic Facelift Method, you’ll create a self-care ritual that supports improved self-esteem by promoting self-love, as opposed to making you feel like you need to look like somebody else, or the 20-year-old version of yourself.

Injections are a temporary fix that can cause more undesirable side effects over time. A holistic lifestyle is forever. Start your Holistic Facelift journey today.

Not sure where to start?
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Your unique face needs a unique approach. There is no one-size-fits-all for holistic beauty, and that’s why I created The Holistic Facelift Method. I've combined the most effective natural techniques to craft a personalized daily beauty ritual that suits your unique needs and makes you look and feel beautiful at any age.


Beauty is so much more than how you look. Feeling at home in your skin is one of the greatest benefits of choosing holistic beauty practices. My goal is to make you feel great. I want you to feel healthy, beautiful, and radiant because that’s what makes you magnetic.

You have choice in how your face ages.

If you want:

• An overall more lifted, toned, and sculpted face

• Even skin tone & glowing complexion

• Diminished double chin and jowls

• Lifted, fuller cheeks

• Slimmer, higher, more defined cheeks

• Diminished lines around the mouth

• Plumper lips

• Decreased nasolabial folds (smile lines)

• Reduced puffiness in face

• Less jaw tension and pain

• Diminished droopy eyelids

• Reduced crows feet and lines around the eyes

• Reduced dark circles under eyes

• Reduced puffiness under and around eye area

• Firmer skin

• Decreased forehead wrinkles and fine lines

• Diminished 11 lines (between the eyebrows)

• More symmetrical face

• Confidence from the inside out

• Relief from sinusitis

it’s time to get started.

Find the right techniques for you


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of your face is the


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