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This statement serves to clarify and establish the limitations of responsibility for Face Yoga Renew, The Holistic Facelift, and Sophia Ha in relation to the Facial Cupping and Dry Brushing Program and Kit provided to participants, known as "The Holistic Facelift Starter Kit" and "The Holistic Facelift Program". By enrolling in any online programs provided by The Holistic Facelift and using the associated kit or products, participants acknowledge and agree to the terms outlined herein.

  1. Educational Nature: The Programs provided by Face Yoga Renew/The Holistic Facelift are intended solely for educational purposes. While efforts are made to ensure the accuracy and effectiveness of the content, Face Yoga Renew cannot be held responsible for individual outcomes, results, or any personal or professional implications that may arise from the application of the techniques taught in the course.

  2. Personal Health Considerations: Participants understand that facial cupping involves physical contact with the skin and may have potential effects on various skin types and conditions. It is the responsibility of participants to consider their own skin sensitivity, allergies, medical history, and any other relevant factors before using the cupping kit. Face Yoga Renew/The Holistic Facelift shall not be liable for any adverse reactions, injuries, or complications that may result from the use of the kit. Facial cupping should not be used on areas that have had botox or fillers within the past 3-4 months. Cupping should not be done on areas with moles that have not been confirmed benign by a medical professional, and should not be performed on those with skin cancer or lymphoma. Cupping and dry brushing should not be done on skin with open wounds, sores, burns, lesions, or psoriasis. Areas with rosacea or eczema should not be cupped or dry brushed until inflammation is reduced, which can be aided by cupping and dry brushing in other areas to increase lymphatic drainage. Cupping should not be performed on skin that is thin or easily bruised, and those with bleeding disorders should use caution. Use caution when pregnant. If uncertain, consult a medical professional before practicing facial cupping.

  3. Professional Application: The techniques taught in the Program are intended for personal use and are not suitable for professional application without appropriate certifications and qualifications. Participants are advised to adhere to their local regulations and guidelines governing the practice of skincare and facial treatments.

  4. Assumption of Risk: By participating in the Program and using the kit, participants acknowledge that they assume any and all risks associated with the application of cupping techniques. Face Yoga Renew shall not be liable for any dissatisfaction, dissatisfaction with results, injuries, or other consequences arising from the use of the kit.

  5. Third-Party Products: The Holistic Facelift may recommend or provide information about specific cupping products, but does not endorse, warranty, or guarantee the effectiveness, safety, or quality of any third-party products or tools used in conjunction with the course. Participants are responsible for researching and evaluating the suitability of such products for their own use.

  6. No Medical Advice: The information provided in the course is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Participants should consult with a qualified healthcare provider before using the cupping kit, especially if they have pre-existing medical conditions or concerns.

  7. Modification of Techniques: While participants are encouraged to learn and practice the techniques taught in the course, any modifications or variations made to the techniques are undertaken at the participant's own risk. Face Yoga Renew/The Holistic Facelift shall not be responsible for any outcomes resulting from modified techniques.


By enrolling in the online programs and using the provided kit or products, participants affirm that they have read, understood, and agreed to the terms outlined in this Statement of Non-Responsibility. It is the responsibility of participants to exercise due diligence, make informed decisions, and prioritize their own safety and well-being throughout the learning and application process.

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