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give yourself a facelift without invasive procedures

What is Face Yoga?

Face Yoga is a form of facial exercise that lifts and sculpts your face from the inside out, giving you a natural facelift

The Face Yoga Renew method is a combination of face yoga, facial massage, face acupressure, facial cupping, dry brushing, and various other holistic techniques, providing you with an alternative to surgical facelifts, fillers, and botox

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Private Coaching

Let's work together to identify your primary areas of concern, and create your customised holistic face lifting routine! You'll get recordings of your sessions so you can maintain your new face care ritual.

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Great for parties, and corporate wellness events. We'll go through the fundamentals of face yoga, and practice poses for your group's needs. Whether it's for beauty, fatigue, tension, or general wellness, you'll learn techniques to benefit you for life.

I host online workshops, and in-person events. Take a look at upcoming events for face yoga, facial massage, acupressure, and other holistic face lifting techniques for your various areas of concern.

Workshops & Events

Group Coaching

"...I was really focused on the cheeks and jaw area, as it would make my face slimmer. I do not have time, so I do it often in the car when I’m driving to work. By exercising I can feel and see amazing changes. I’m looking not so bad at 42. I never felt so much energy and believing in myself!" - Julia Juliusson / Russia

“I think the exercise has helped me correct my body posture, especially rounded shoulders, my neck is smoother and my double chin has decreased. My face is more uplifted and more happy. I feel better today in my soul and it is visible on the face.”

- Ragnheidur / Iceland

Who is Sophia?

Sophia Ha is a Certified Face Yoga Coach, and

Wellness Advisor.

Dedicated to the foundations and fundamentals of face yoga, her teaching style is informative and effective.

The focus of her classes revolve around self awareness: Bringing attention to how we use our facial muscles, exploring the root of holding particular facial patterns, and how to release habitual facial movement.

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