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Sophia Ha is a Certified Face Yoga Coach, and

Wellness Advisor.

Dedicated to the foundations and fundamentals of face yoga, her teaching style is informative and effective.

The focus of her classes revolve around self awareness: Bringing attention to how we use our facial muscles, exploring the root of holding particular facial patterns, and how to release habitual facial movement.

Sophia's understanding of the mind body connection, anatomy, and her attentiveness to the details of each clients needs, makes the sincerity of what she does obvious.


Inspired by other cultures, Sophia has spent the last 5 years: travelling, living in every continent, observing and documenting the many different lifestyles, and developing a diverse perspective of what it is to live a full, meaningful, and healthy life.

With a background in Journalism Broadcasting her inquisitive and friendly nature makes you feel at ease on the first encounter.

Sophia is currently residing in Toronto and continues to travel intermittently working on her documentary projects, holding face yoga workshops abroad, locally and online. 



"Teaching face yoga has become more of a passion than I ever dreamed. Witnessing the changes in peoples spirits and faces when they reclaim the responsibility of self care is beyond rewarding."

Rose Buds
Tighten, tone, and lift your face naturally with Face Yoga

 "You wear your emotions on your face."

That's what I've been told all my life. I remember the first time my Mother made me aware of how much my face expressed without even being cognizant of it.

I was only about 18/19... that was 14 years ago! I had just hung up the phone with a friend when she asked me why I was furrowing my eyebrows. I wasn't upset. I had no reason to be looking so. 


I thought to myself it was peculiar that for no reason I looked angry.

Becoming aware of how I used my face at such a young age fascinated me.


Through out my adolescence and many of my adult years experiencing depression and anxiety assisted me with understanding the body mind connection.

It wasn't until I was 28, living in Indonesia, continuing to develop my understanding of the mind body relationship, that I found Face Yoga.

I had noticed over the last 5 years working for a marketing agency that I was developing a deep line on my forehead. I would seldom catch myself in a reflection while I was speaking with a client, and I was was alarmed at my hyper active eyebrows. I knew they were the culprit of my 

lovely forehead line.

By the time I was in Bali I could really see what stress looked like. Every time I looked in the mirror I was seeing more lines on my forehead. 

I wanted to get rid of them but I didn't want to do anything invasive. I've always appreciated natural and organic skin care.


I started researching how to get rid of wrinkles naturally, found a tonne of non-sense, and then finally... FACE YOGA!


Immediately I started practicing exercises for the forehead and within a few weeks the line began to fade! I was so amazed with how effective it was, I continued practicing poses for different areas of the face. Seeing the incredible changes it made to the complexion of my skin, and the sculpture of my face, I was hooked.

Fast forward four years, I was living in Portugal, training to become a certified Face Yoga Method Instructor!

Today I'm beyond thankful to a have a lifetime skin care regimen that takes care of my face from the inside out. I am honoured to have the privilege of sharing this unique and fruitful practice with you.

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