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The Holistic Facelift Starter Kit includes an online program with a step-by-step 8 week plan to give you a natural facelift at home.

But are you worried you won't stay on track?

I get it. Life is busy, consistency is hard, and a new routine has to suit your lifestyle.

The Holistic Facelift Start Kit program is broken down into simple steps to build your new routine over time, but for many of my clients accountability, and support are the keys to success.

Do any of these sound like you?

  •  You're busy, and your schedule can be hectic

  •  You're exhausted after everything you have to get done in a day

  • You struggle with sticking to routines

  • You're hard on yourself when you don't follow through on your intentions 

  • You’ve thrown in the towel after “failing” once again

  • Making time for self-care doesn't feel like a priority - it feels like a chore


I get it!

I have ADHD, and I've spent my life putting others' needs before my own. I've been through the cycle of wanting to start new habits and improve myself, and quickly dropping the ball and being hard on myself. 


I've also experienced intense burnout from letting my busy life get the best of me, and not taking time for myself.


I've spent decades learning what works for me, and over the past seven years of coaching my clients to lift their faces with no invasive procedures, I've learned what works, and I know it’s always unique to every individual.


One big piece is accountability.

Another is flexibility.


That's why I'm offering consistency coaching for those serious about getting a natural facelift in 8 weeks with The Holistic Facelift Starter Kit.

8 weeks

Weekly 30 minute private coaching sessions

Expert support to create your customised face routine

The Holistic Facelift Starter Kit offers the most effective tools and techniques, with a suggested schedule for best results in just 5-20 minutes a day.

But your life is unique!

Over 8 weeks we will figure out your unique needs, adjust your routine, and tend to the underlying factors that might keep you from showing up for yourself.


It can be easy. Let's do it together.

8 weeks of consistency coaching - $600 for a limited time

Ready to find out if this is the right option for you?

Book a 10 minute consultation call, and if we decide it's a good fit, we'll get you on the path to consistency and a Holistic Facelift in 8 weeks!

Don't have your kit yet?

The Holistic Facelift Starter Kit

Get all your Holistic Facelift tools in one kit, along with a full video program showing you exactly how to use them to get a natural facelift in just 8 weeks!

  • Facial cups

  • Facial dry brush

  • Rosehip oil

  • A cute linen storage pouch

  • BONUS: Body cups

  • A full online video program, along with a recommended schedule ($169 value)

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