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The Holistic Facelift Method

The Holistic Facelift Method is a combination of the most effective natural beauty techniques to enhance your health and help you look and feel beautiful at any age. Our personalized approach combines face yoga (facial exercise), facial massage, face acupressure, dry brushing, and facial cupping.

The Holistic Facelift Method is a healthful alternative to injections and surgery, while supporting your full wellness - mind and body.  Our techniques increase lymphatic drainage and circulation, tone and restore your facial muscles, release fascial tension, and bring awareness to your habitual facial postures (all of which are hindered by cosmetic procedures). Our Method aims to enhance and refine your unique and beautiful face, instead of making you look like somebody else.

We know the importance of a custom approach. Whether your concern is prevention, or improving specific areas of concern, The Holistic Facelift Method provides you with safe, effective self-care and beauty practices that bring you into a deeper relationship with yourself and your unique natural beauty.




Reduce deep expression lines, wrinkles, textural irregularities, and sagging or crepe-y skin


De-puff undereyes and face, sculpt cheeks and jawline, and lift your entire face from the inside out


Enhance cheeks, lips, and skin while restoring and preventing loss of facial volume

  • How long until I see results?
    With daily practice, you may see results in as little as 3 weeks. Cupping and facial massage can provide instant de-puffing and plumping, but consistent practice is important for smoothing lines, and lifting and sculpting the face. After 8 weeks practising the whole routine consistently, you will see results. We suggest that you take weekly or bi-weekly photos of your face so you can see your results over time, as it's hard to assess the incremental results when you're looking at your face every day. Keep in mind, your lifestyle will also impact your results from week to week, and that’s why we’ve included additional tips for you to get the most out of this program.
  • How long do results last?
    To maintain your results, you’ll need to continue with your new self-care rituals after the 8 weeks. Holistic beauty is a lifestyle. Skipping a day here and there will not bring you back to square one, but regular practice is important to continue seeing and feeling the amazing results of these holistic practices. You want to keep lymph flowing and continue encouraging collagen production, and you can do this in under 20 minutes a day. These tools and techniques are meant to equip you for life, meaning you can help prevent deep expression lines, get a quick glow before a special event, or de-puff your face after a late night. How you use your tools is up to you, and depends on what you want to see.
  • Is this safe?
    For most people, these practices are completely safe. As with anything, there are those for whom this is not appropriate for. We do not recommend the use of this kit for people with thin skin that bruises easily, some bleeding disorders, lymphoma, or skin cancer. Cupping should not be performed in areas that have had botox or fillers within the preceding 3-4 months, nor should it be performed on areas with open wounds, sores, burns, lesions, or psoriasis. Do not cup if you if you have a fever or are ill. Areas with moderate to severe rosacea or psoriasis should be avoided until inflammation is reduced. Caution should be used in specific areas when pregnant, as noted in the video program. If you are concerned, please consult a medical professional before using this kit or the tools and techniques involved. To read the full disclaimer click here.
  • I’m busy. How much time do I have to dedicate to this every day?
    You will devote between 15-20 minutes per day to your full routine. You will spend about 20 minutes per week learning the techniques for the first 5 weeks, plus your practice time which can vary from 5-20 minutes per day in the beginning. Once your routine is established and you are practicing all the techniques, you will devote between 15-20 minutes per day, split between your AM and PM routines. You always have the option to do a bit more when desired.
  • How long does it take to go through the video program? How long do I have access?
    You can move through the program as quickly or slowly as you’d like! We recommend taking about 5 weeks to move through the videos at a sustainable pace while you learn the techniques and flows. You can choose to go faster if you’re finding it easy to learn and remember the techniques, or you can take more time if you get busy or need a bit more time to practice your flows. You have full access to all videos for the lifetime of the course.
  • Can I still do face yoga while using this kit?
    Yes! These techniques can kickstart your holistic facelift journey, or make a perfect complement to any other modalities you are using. This kit will boost your face yoga results, and vice versa.
  • Will I have to buy anything else to get started?
    No! You have everything you need to get started right out of the box! The only things you need are your hands, a computer or phone to watch the videos, and a mirror (optional).
  • Are the tools hard to use? Is it easy to learn?
    We designed these tools to be easy to use for people of many abilities. Our dry brush has a large, round handle to make it easy to use for everybody, including those with arthritis or other mobility concerns. Cups can have a bit of a learning curve for some, but once you get a hang of them they are very simple to use. All of the tools are simple to clean, and we’ve broken down how to do so in the video program. We’ve structured the program to make learning to use the tools super easy. The methods are broken down in simple terms, and you can take as much time to practice as you need.
  • I have these tools already. Can I get the program without the tools?
    Yep! Click here to enroll in the video program without buying the full kit.


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“I think the exercise has helped me correct my body posture, especially rounded shoulders, my neck is smoother and my double chin has decreased. My face is more uplifted and more happy. I feel better today in my soul and it is visible on the face.”

- Ragnheidur / Iceland

What we offer


Book one-on-one coaching to build a customized routine for your specific areas of concern, or private group coaching (perfect for corporate wellness, promotional events, or girls' nights!)


Lift, sculpt, smooth, and de-puff your beautiful face in minutes a day with these simple video programs. Learn techniques to turn your daily beauty routine into a holistic facelift ritual!


Join a themed workshop to learn techniques for specific regions of your face, while you pamper yourself, deeply relax, and build the skills to create your own daily holistic beauty ritual.

Not sure where to start? The Holistic Facelift Starter Kit comes with an online video program and all the tools you need to get a natural facelift at home in just 8 weeks! Get started with expert instruction and a curated set of tools. Or take the quiz to find the best strategy for you!

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Make it simple with the most effective tools to get an at-home facelift and enhance your daily face care routine. High-quality, and easy-to-use tools to lift, plump, exfoliate, smooth, and de-puff your face.


Hey beautiful!

I’m Sophia, owner and founder of The Holistic Facelift. My experience with body dysmorphia disorder guided me to Face Yoga in 2013. I knew the issue was that I wasn’t able to see myself as I am, so I wanted to address my issues holistically as opposed to seeking cosmetic procedures.

As I started to notice the signs of aging, my Face Yoga practice became even more important in helping me feel a sense of control and connection to myself as my face and body change. I didn’t want to fear aging. I wanted to feel radiant and beautiful, like so many older women are. That’s when I saw exactly how valuable these practices were, and decided to train as a Certified Face Yoga Coach. I wanted to help others begin to feel at home in their skin as they navigated challenges with self-worth and the shifting tides of aging.

Once I began working with clients and expanding my education around facial anatomy, I quickly learned that much of what I was taught was ineffective, and at times downright harmful! I started teaching facial exercise a little differently, and incorporated more facial massage, acupressure, and eventually other modalities like facial cupping, and dry brushing.

I’ve spent the last 7 years learning and trying every natural facelifting technique I could find, and I’ve now distilled my years of experience into The Holistic Facelift Method. Using the most effective modalities, you can get a natural facelift at home with no harmful side effects, all while building a deeper sense of self-love so you can embrace your unique beauty and pro-aging journey.


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