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De-puffing Facial Massage

De-puffing Facial Massage, CA$57


Facial massage is a powerful technique to de-puff and sculpt your face. Through gentle, rhythmic movements and various techniques, facial massage helps release tension, reduce stress, and increase blood circulation. This revitalizing method not only encourages lymphatic drainage for instant de-puffing but also sculpts, relaxes, and rejuvenates the face. Regular facial massage may contribute to a more radiant complexion by stimulating collagen production, reducing the appearance of fine lines and deep expression lines, and improving overall skin tone. Incorporating facial massage into your beauty routine provides a rejuvenating experience, leaving your skin feeling refreshed, revitalized, and promoting a sense of overall well-being. This mini course includes a video to teach you a comprehensive daily massage routine, as well as a "flow" video to guide you through your daily practice. You'll also learn a quick morning massage for those days that you need a quick eye lift, but don't have the time for your full flow. In this course you get: ✔ Daily Massage Instructional Video ✔ Follow-Along Flow Video ✔ Morning Massage Flow Video ✔ Lifetime Access This heavenly practice is essential to any holistic facelift routine. Your hands are a powerful tool to enhance your natural beauty, and boost your mind-body connection, allowing you to fall into a deeper, more trusting relationship with yourself.

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Some medical conditions may make this method unsafe. Please see the disclaimers and contraindications to be sure this is right for you.

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