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Neck and Jawline Foundations

Neck and Jawline Foundations, CA$27


This simple daily flow is the perfect way to prepare for any holistic facelift practice, but also functions well as a standalone practice. These easy neck stretches are the best way to naturally refine your jawline, and prevent sagging in the neck area. This mini course includes a video to teach you everything you need to know to lay the foundation for your holistic facelift practice with neck stretching. It also includes two "flow" videos that you can follow along with to guide you through your daily practice - one guided meditative flow, and a quick silent flow for when you're short on time! In this course you get: ✔ Neck Stretching Instruction Video ✔ Guided Follow-Along Flow Video ✔ Silent Follow-Along Flow Video ✔ Lifetime Access Whether you're just starting out, or you're adding this to your existing practice, these exercises are essential!

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Some medical conditions may make this method unsafe. Please see the disclaimers and contraindications to be sure this is right for you.

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